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“I’m sorry. There is no easy way to tell you this. Given the degree of your spinal cord injury, you will probably never walk again.” -Doctor 1:6:2002

Receiving this news at any age at any point in your life would be devastating. These are the words Krystina Wray Jackson heard at the tender age of 19 after she fractured her C-4/C-5 vertebrae snowboarding in Northern California. 

During the time of her injury, Krystina was in hot pursuit of a thrilling career as a professional soccer player. She was a sophomore in college majoring in Creative Writing with the dream of traveling the world playing soccer and writing all about her adventures.With her teenage dreams shattered and her life seemingly on hold, Krystina entered ‘the darkest period’ of her life. During this time she struggled with depression, thoughts of suicide and when or if she would ever go back to school again.

After years of struggle, in 2014 the Pennsylvania native thanks in part to Oprah Winfrey ,stumbled upon a book by Spiritual Teacher, Eckhart Tolle. She credits Mr. Tolles book, The Power of Now , for dramatically changing the trajectory of her life and bringing much-needed peace and serenity. With a newfound gentler approach to life grounded in Love, Acceptance, Compassion , Defenselessness and Non-judgment, Krystina began to put the pieces of her life back together. 

Today the bay area Artist is thrilled to be utilizing her unique gifts and experiences to serve the communities that matter to her. 

Krystina combines her love for film and advocacy to help realize the goal of Liberty and Justice for ALL. 

Through her partnership with multi-media production company Bravemaker Acting, Music, Speaking and Comic Writing, she passionately serves the Disability community, the LGBTQ+ community and the African-American community by sharing Brave stories that cultivate a more compassionate and aware culture. 

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