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Workout For What Wednesday’s (10-16-19 )

Welcome to another #WorkoutForWhatWednesday! This week’s amazing benefit from working out, is maintaining Bone and Joint health.

“Craaaack!” OMG!@$&# Was that my knee or my shoulder!?! Smh

I’ve been using a wheelchair since 2002 and just a couple of years ago my doctor told me I had Osteopenia. I was losing bone.

I got right on reversing the effects of bone loss.

As we get older you may notice more achy joints and cracking bones. Weight bearing is necessary for strong bones and joints.

For people who aren’t standing and walking every day it’s necessary to do ADDITIONAL work to maintain proper bone and joint health. There are many fantastic and fun ways to maintain bone health. Here are my top 3 favorites

Yoga , Tai Chi and Weightlifting. The great thing about all three of these methods is that they can be done in modified seated positions for people with limited mobility. You could also get on YouTube and type in ‘Osteoporosis Exercise’ or ‘Bone Density’ work out. Have fun & stay strong.

Thin Bones Beware*

Take a few exercise precautions if you already have bone thinning like me:

Because your fracture risk is higher than normal, be cautious about trying any exercise with the potential for serious falls, like downhill skiing, ice skating, or inline skating.

* If you have bone thinning in your spine, you may want to forgo any deep backbends in yoga.

* Again, check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you're taking medication that slow your coordination or throw off your balance.

One final tip: Be patient. The bone-building phase in adults takes months, and it may take a lot longer if you have osteopenia , osteoporosis or are older. Stay persistent, bones change slowly -- but they do change.

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